Interviewed by ABACO

Patrick Gannon's cut paper art and Interview at Abaco magazine

Alessandro Silvestri and Flavio Parisi are a couple of Italian guys living in Tokyo, and, like me, constantly being amazed at the little differences that surround them. So amazed, in fact, that they decided to put together a really nice little webzine called "ABACO magazine" to document the art and culture they encounter everyday. I am very flattered that they asked to include some of my work in their magazine, along with an interview about my life and my cut-paper creations. I'm my usual verbose self. That they put my Sharky on the cover...I haven't the words. The toothy guy does me proud.

It's a very cool webzine, and definitely worth a look to see what's going on in the Tokyo art and photography scene. I really dug the February issue too. Check it out!