Gallery Show - New Moon @ myplasticheartnyc, NY

New Moon features 25 artists and their interpretations of the Chinese Zodiac.

...But that's such a lackluster description of what's really going down at myplasticheartnyc. The group includes painters, custom toy builders, sculptors, one paper slicer (guess who!), and a few people whose works defy my meager ability to describe them. Rest assured, this show is not one to miss. I've had the privilege of seeing some previews of the art, and it is eye-popping. Some truly beautiful, epic work.

Sadly, my papercuts will be out painting the town red while I sit at home and twiddle my thumbs. Again. Missing this show stings more than usual. That's partly because the art is so spectacular, and partly because New Moon was curated by the very cool John Wong. Over the past couple months, we've been emailing back and forth so often, he's become a good friend...albeit one I've never met face to face. So, if you pop in at the show, hi-five the man for me.

Click here to read interviews with the artists.

New Moon

opening reception: Friday April 10, 2009 6-9pm

dates: April 10 - May 10, 2009

place: myplasticheartnyc 210 Forsyth St New York, NY 10002

website: right here.