This Humble Contagion - WIP the second

size: 18 x 25.5 cm • about 7" x 10" or so
medium: pencil scribbles / tracing paper

The final drawing for This Humble Contagion. By this point, I've worked out the layering of the piece. For the most part. Alot of the time I realize while cutting that some things may need a new layer, or might work better on a lower layer/color. It's all part of the way the thing evolves.

You can see that a lot more detail has crept into the tree. All those miniscule details are my way of keeping myself from going sane. I've added the flower-thing too. Right now, it's part of the bottom/dark layer of the tree and framework. That might change if I think it needs more color later on. Some of my earlier sketched had a face in the flower, but I tossed that idea pretty quickly.

One idea that I may yet keep are the clouds. They're still scribbles here. I've drawn them out on separate scraps of tracing paper. I thing they might work if they're subtle enough. I just need to remember not to glue down the tree until I've made that decision.

The next step is figuring out the basic colors, then on to transferring, cutting and gluing. Below, you can see about halfway through the drawing process.