Gallery Show - Battle Royal @ Gallery 1988 SF (updated)

Every time I read the name of this show, I can't help thinking about Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome: Ten artists enter, one artist leaves!.

Or Japan's Battle Royale, wherein a class of high school kids "wins" a lottery and are dropped off on an island (in the inland sea near, I believe, where I used to live), issued a random weapon, and directed to drastically reduce the number of yearbook signatures they'll be getting. If this is the case, I think I have a good chance of being Last Man Standing. Knife beats paintbrush any day of the week.

Although I can't promise thrilling Bloodsport, I can guarantee eye-popping art of the highest order. I mean, just look at the nine guys I'm privileged to share the walls with. The real fight should be among the visitors, trying to snatch up the latest chunks of mind-boggling somewhat surreal brilliance.

Sadly, I shall miss the show. I used up all my bat-shark repellant and can no longer make the swim across the pacific. Also, I cannot really swim. But I hope you can make your way down to San Francisco to bask in the glow of unfettered imagination.

Speaking of "Battle Royale" check this out. Julian Callos, also in this show, did this amazing piece a little while back.

Oh: "There can be only one".

the details: Name: Battle Royal

opening reception: Friday June 26, 2009 7pm~10pm

dates: Friday, June 26 to July 18, 2009 (the gallery is closed on Sundays and Mondays)

place: 1173 Sutter St. San Francisco, CA 94109 Tel: 415-409-1376 gallery website: right here.