Guinea-pigs Wanted

Sigh, I'd been so good putting up new work all this past month. Sadly, I have to break my streak this week. And on top of that, I need to ask all y'all a teensy tiny favor! The nerve of me!

The Contact Page over on the main site has just been updated! Yay! If you mosey on over and take a gander, you'll notice that it's slimmed down and simplified.

OK, the favor: Please hop on over to the Contact Page and send me a message. I need to test how it works with the email addresses of people who aren't me. If you run into any problems, please hop back over here and leave me a comment to that effect. Thank you, and a BIG internet hug to everyone who sends me mail.

There's also a bunch of new stuff under the hood that's supposed to ward off the wicked spam and make all of our lives easier. Maybe neatest of all is the anti-spam question at the bottom. You'll notice I made it a little more universal for the international audience. The previous question was "What color is the sky?", the answer being "blue". Funny thing is, most of my Japanese contacts didn't have much trouble with that. It was the native english speakers, especially artists. They kept looking out the window and writing in the color of the current weather conditions. I suspect there's an interesting conversation here, about the subjectivity of the artists' mind, even in the face of purely objective technology.

So, why haven't I posted new work this week? Here's one reason:


I've been working on a BIG(ish) piece that's sucked up a huge amount of time. This is a bit of that. It's the backside of one of the larger sections. I thought it would be interesting to show the honeycomb-like structure that preserves the shape and thickness. This part ends up being 3 or 4 layers thick. 'Course, you won't see any of that in the final piece.


Oh yeah, and I had to put that piece aside while I try to get some work done for a little cafe show I have coming up here in Tokyo August 1st. I'll post about that soon!