Expectations of a Red Threaded Print

The third giclée in the 2009 Autumn series of prints, Red Thread Expectations is, I admit, a day or two late. However, I have enough good news that, not only will you forgive it's tardiness, but you will finish reading this post with a grin in your heart and a warm feeling on your face. First tidbit of good news: This past Thursday was my birthday! Yay! I'm a year older! Truthfully, I kinda sorta don't believe in time, so a year more or less doesn't change my life a whole lot. But I am always down for celebrating. Tho I'm still waiting for my cake... hurm.

Second tiddlywink of good news: This past week saw me finishing the last of the work for The Way of Flow show at C.A.V.E Gallery, and shipping it all out! Woo Hoo! And I didn't have to pull a single all-nighter to do it. Which is good, 'cuz at my age they really take it outta me.

The third and final tadpole of good news: The Red Thread Expectations giclée print is available in the shop! I've always loved the Japanese concept of the red thread of fate invisibly connecting soul-mates and lovers and the myriad ways that can be used as a conceptual launching point.

I'll be introducing one more print before this month is over, and then the shop will be just about set for the Holiday season. Except for one more thing. Which is nearly ready. As for the prints, If you’re thinking of ordering more than one, you should probably wait ’til the last one has been announced. After all, there’s no reason to pay shipping twice. All Gicleés are printed on A4-size Deep PV fine art paper.