Gallery Show: EtoEtceTora at Gallery kópis Tokyo


Ooh, this is gonna take a little work. The title of the show, I mean. See, I totally didn't get it myself until my stupendous wife explained the triple-layer pun to me. I don't know if I'll do it justice, but I'm a-gonna give it a whirl. 干支 (Eto) means the 12 Constellations of the Chinese / Japanese Zodiac; which just happens to be the main theme of this particular show. Et-cetera means what you think it means, but in katakana it reads エトセトラ. Say that "Eto-se-tora". Following so far? 2010 is the year of the Tiger, in Japanese 寅 / Tora. And there you have it, three pronunciation-puns-in-one.

Oh yeah, and there's gonna be all kinds of art on the wall from a bunch of talented folks. I'll be a tiny part of the show, and plan on hanging out in the gallery a bit, at least on opening day and closing day. Stop on by if you happen to be in the neighborhood or own a Leer jet. Here're the details:

EtoEtceTora 「干支 エトセトラ・・」

Place: Kópis Gallery near Kiyosumi-shirakawa station, Tokyo
1-2-12 1F Shirakawa, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0021

dates: Sunday, December 13 - December 19, 2008 (Gallery closed on Tuesday, the 15th)
time: 11am to 7pm (from 1pm on the 13th, until 5pm on the 19th)
tel: 03-5639-2381

Email me for times I'll be there (though punctuality I do not promise).

Here's a link to the gallery (all in Japanese!)

And here's a map

English directions from Kiyosumi-Shirakawa station: Just use exit A3, when you finish climbing the stairs take a left and then another immediate left. When you hit the road, go right and the Kopis Gallery will be on the next corner. Takes about 3 minutes.