A Juxtaposition of Lines and Colors

Here's a belated Thank-You to two great websites that featured some of my work a little while ago. Lines and Colors is, in their own words, a blog about drawing, sketching, painting, comics, cartoons, webcomics, illustration, digital art, concept art, gallery art, artist tools and techniques, motion graphics, animation, sci-fi and fantasy illustration, paleo art, storyboards, matte painting, 3d graphics and anything else I find visually interesting. If it has lines and/or colors, it's fair game.

I've been a fan for ages, and have bookmarked any number of inspirational and helpful articles posted about art, illustration, and web design. Here's an ol' favorite from about two years ago when I was re-jiggering my website.

Juxtapox Magazine should need no introduction. They have been championing and defining urban, low-brow, pop surrealist and underground art for over a decade and a half, and are currently the biggest art magazine in the US. It was through this magazine that I first came to know of this art movement (otherwise unavailable to an east-coast country kid), and been introduced to countless influential and inspirational creators. Their Reader Art section is a great way to experience new and upcoming artists.


Thanks guys! I appreciate the support!