A Short Trip, A New Perspective - WIP

The Sound of Scissors show wrapped up a couple days ago, and I'm almost caught up on sleep. Huge thanks go out to everyone who dropped by to chat and look at all the talent on the walls. The show was really well attended; it was a pleasure meeting so many new art fans. As usual, silly me forgot my camera, but a good friend has promised to get some photos to me soon. You'll be able to see them just after.

As soon as I get the chance to do a little scanning and color-correcting, I'll start posting the new artwork. Until then, please enjoy these small glimpses behind the curtain of mysterious secrecy. Cast your eyes below to peruse the original thumbnail sketch for "A Short Trip, A New Perspective". Now, glance upwards to see how the image changed on it's winding path to completion. What you're looking at right now is the back of the paper which will form the main foundation of the piece. With all the linework on it, still in need of chopping. It took me a bit to figure everything out, but in the end, it came out pretty much the way it was envisioned. I can't wait to show you.