Gallery Show - 風雷貌 / A Wind-Swept and Thunderous Countenance @ Gallery G2


Listen closely to these steamy and sultry summer nights and you will hear it. The expectant stillness. The breath-baited calm that heralds the coming of the storm. Riding on the shrieking winds the typhoon will soon be among us, battering us with pelting rain and berating us with peals of thunder. It's been nearly a year since Gallery G2 last invited us to play around with the forces of nature in 2009's 風雷暴 / Fujin Raijin Exhibition. This year, rather than tempting the wrath of the storm gods, we are exploring the crackling countenance of thunder (as well as lightning) and the gusty guise of wind. Now, when I think "countenance", I think portrait. And when I think "portrait" I think Flem. As in Flanders. And so it was that I looked to the Dutch masters and their wacky chiaroscuro for inspiration.

So, yeah, I drew a portrait of the wind. Stop on by the gallery before the 31st to take a gander. Even in my sleep-starved state I was mightily impressed by the girth of talent on display. Everything from metal sculpture to acrylic painting to hand-made dolls and, ahem, cut-paper are represented. It's well worth weathering the sudden summer heat here in Tokyo.

I'll be at the gallery Saturday, July 24th (count on me being's a safe bet). I'd like to be there at least one more day, but I haven't decided which. Drop me a comment or email with your availability, and I'll try to be there!

風雷貌 / A Wind-Swept and Thunderous Countenance

dates: July. 22nd (Thurs) to July 31st (Sat) 2010 gallery closed Wed. 7/28

times: 12pm to 7pm (Last Day: Closes at 4pm)

place: Gallery G2; located in Ginza, just around the corner from Melsa (メルサ)
Tel: 03-3567-1555
gallery website: right here • MAP

artists / 出品者


日付: 2010年7月22日(木)〜7月631日(土)
時間: 12時〜19時 / 最終日は16時まで
住所: Gallery G2 東京都中央区銀座2丁目8−2 日紫1F
電話: 03-3567-1555