Photographic Evidence: 風雷貌 / A Wind-Swept and Thunderous Countenance @ Gallery G2

Something miraculous occurred on July 30, 2010, the final day of the 風雷貌 / A Wind-Swept and Thunderous Countenance show at Gallery G2 over in Ginza. I, for maybe the first time, remembered to bring my camera with me. I could have sworn I had it opening day. I even put the little guy in my bag. Somehow, it escaped, wriggling out and hiding under a mound of paper. There was such a great variety of work in the gallery, from metal sculpture to painting to dolls to cut paper. A plethora of techniques and styles and outlooks on the world.

I encourage you to have a look at the gallery on my Facebook page and see for yourself.

As for the Flemish-inspired portraits of wind and thunder above...well, after seeing them hanging in the gallery, I've decided I'm not quite 100% satisfied just yet. About 98%, I think. So, I'll be going back in and tweaking this and adding that. So, no close ups. Maybe soon. Then again, I'm buried so deep in doing some very cool commission pieces and prepping for the next two shows this Fall... well, it might be a while.