Art Fair: Verge Art Brooklyn

Here's a last-minute announcement for those of you in the New York area: Verge Art Brooklyn. I'm a little embarrassed, as a born New Jerseyian, to admit that until this morning the only DUMBO I knew was the little elephant with ginormous flapping ears. And he's adorable. But he's not pertinent to this announcement. DUMBO, it turns out, is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, an acronym for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. And its chock full of galleries.

More importantly, it plays host to Verge Art Brooklyn, an art fair which I very recently was invited to join. My work will be on display with Gallery G2, along with a small selection of other artists from the Tokyo area. There's even a brand new piece, that I finished literally a day before G2's owner, Kano-san hopped on the plane.

Although I can't make it over, I think it will be a great event, with tons of red hot art providing relief from the fading, freezing winter. Check it out if you're in the area!

Verge Art Brooklyn

Dates: March 3 (Thurs) to Mar 5 (Sat) 2011
Time: Noon - 10pm
Opening Night Party: Thursday, March 3, 10pm-4am
Place:  DUMBO, various locations | website