Portrait of Wind with a Fan


Portrait of Wind with a Fan

⊛ cut paper / wood
⊛ 10 x 8 in • 254 x 203 mm
⊛ private collection


If Thunder is a brooding mope with a tendency to fester, Wind is a bit of a dandy.

He's a powerful, blustery presence, but he spent so long picking out his outfit for this portrait that I fell asleep waiting.

And don't even ask how much time he spent getting his hair and beard to flow just right. I have to admit though, the fan is just lovely.

As different as these two gents are, when they work together they are an imposing force of nature. A cacophony of light, sound, and force. A duet of energy and motion.

Portrait of Thunder in Contemplation  ⊛  Portrait of Wind with a Fan  Diptych

Portrait of Thunder in ContemplationPortrait of Wind with a Fan Diptych

Just like Portrait of Thunder, Wind pulled a healthy amount of inspiration from the Dutch masters and traditional portraiture. Below, you can see the framed version and the pair hanging together. If I could change anything, it would probably be the frames. They should be more bigger, more ornate, and just generally more fancier.