Museum Exhibition: Kirie of the World in Japan 2011

There is a whole world of Cut Paper Art and artists out there, representing a vast array of styles, techniques, experiences and imagination. Beginning this July, Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum in Yamanashi Fujikawa Craft Park will be showcasing the breathtaking artwork of eight visionary cut paper kirie artists. With work both delicate and bold, the artists take the techniques of paper cutting to the bleeding edge. Tradition mingles with contemporary thought resulting in a showcase of technical and artistic prowess. The exhibition opens to the public on July 9th, followed by a series of demonstrations performed by four of the artists (including myself) on the 10th. We'll be slicing and chatting in a variety of languages from 1pm-2pm, and again from 3pm-4pm. If you've ever wanted to witness the making of these intricate works of art, this is a great chance!

Special thanks goes out to Ms. Hina Aoyama (蒼山日菜) for organizing the event, gathering an incredible group of artists, and for allowing my loud and colorful pieces to stand as a counterpoint to the delicacy, beauty, and subtlety of much of the work. I am humbled.

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Kirie of the World in Japan 2011

dates: Sat. July 9 - Sun. September 25, 2011

Times: 9:30am - 5:30pm (closed Wednesdays)

place: Fujikawa Kirie Art Museum, Yamanashi Fujikawa Craft Park, Yamanashi-ken, Minamikoma-gun, Minobu-cho, Shimoyama 1597, 〒409-2522, Japan
Tel: 0556-62-5545

museum website: right here.

日付: 2011年7月9日(土)〜9月25日(日)
時間: 午前9時30分~午後5時30分(入館は閉館30分前まで)
休館日: 毎週水曜日(祝日を除く)
住所: 〒409-2522 山梨県南巨摩郡身延町下山1597番地
電話: 0556-62-5545