Postcard Pack Strikes Back

When I was a youngun', one of my favorite books was a simple, but effective little tale called something like "Good News Bad News", which followed one young man as he went through a fairly rough day. First, he fell out of an airplane: bad news! Onto a haystack: good news! With a pitchfork in it: bad news!, etc... until either he got home safely, or was torn to pieces by a herd of irritable porcupines. I can't remember which. My week has been like that. Porcupines included.

Good News! Postcard Pack Three is now, at long last, available. You can find it in the shop, along with Packs One and Two.

UPDATE 11.2015:  Bad News!  The Postcards are temporarily unavailable.

Good news!  ...well, actually they are available seeing as I have bucketloads of them here.  I just haven't figured out the best way to sell them yet.  That should be coming very soon.  Until then, please feel free to contact me directly.

Bad News! My printer has died. Ignominiously during an attempted coup. As such, the new postcards will have to ship without nifty packaging for the time being. Also, all invoices will be handwritten. By me. Think of them as autographs.

Good News! Even better, all fifteen (15!) postcards are now available in one MEGA-PACK for the ultimate in cut-paper art card-iness. No longer will you have to decide which cards you love most.

Bad News! But what if you want to share your favorite with all your friends, or hang a copy on every wall...and the ceiling?

Good News! Not a problem! For the first time, I'm experimenting with 5-of-a-kind packs! Just scroll down to the bottom of the Postcards Page, and choose your favorite card from the "larger image". You'll get five! If this option proves popular, I'll add a ten pack. If not, I'll quietly disappear it and deny it ever existed. Thoughts?

Bad News! The Japanese Yen (¥) is so darn strong that I've had to bump the shipping price a tad. It sucks, I know. I kept it small.

Bad News! Remember that dead printer? Well, until it gets fixed, I can't make any more Prints. I've got a few in stock (check the print page for availability), and then they are gone. Until I get a new printer. And I'm gonna level with you; that might take awhile seeing as I just moved across the country. Not to mention that my computer is starting to act a little rebellious too. Yeah, big bad news, but there may be a golden lining...

Good News! The art for the 2013 Cut paper Art Calendar is done! This year, I want to try something different, namely using Kickstarter to cut out the middleman and make the calendar myself. Look for more news very, very soon. Of course, if it doesn't work out, it could turn into bad news... hey, are those porcupines?

Ah!  Here's the book I was thinking of, Fortunately by Remy Charlip, a classic and one of my childhood favorites.  For a brief time, it was called What Good Luck, What Bad Luck.  Thanks to a good friend and a great writer, Holly Thompson, for helping me recall my childhood.

By Remy Charlip