Gallery Show: All Runs Together @ Galerie Recolte


All Runs Together is my first solo exhibition of 2013.

I'm thrilled that it's here in Fukuoka, and even happier that it's at such an excellent gallery. Over these past few months, I've been building a collection of new works that are strung together by a common theme and common visual elements. Together, they (will) form one massive transformational loop comprised of unique and independent smaller elements. Actually, that's the concept in a nutshell. I say "will" because the work and the exhibition are modal in nature; individual pieces can be removed or added to create a pageant vast or intimate. Plus, there'll be other works too. Here's my attempt to expand on some of the other themes at play in this exhibition:

We are alone.  We live in a vacuum,  in a seemingly airtight disconnect, without hope of understanding or connection or purpose or a single touch. We know this to be true… but it is not so.  

In this collection of cut paper images, beings and creatures cobbled together from pure emotion wander through a world bound by a singular, ever-present energy.  Unnoticed, ignored, attacked, or embraced, this force bears witness to our lives, linking all things.  Every action creates a thousand ripples.  Every signal echoes through a thousand antenna.  Every action transcends the individual and reverberates through the ribbon that enfolds our world and ourselves.  We are sublime.

I hope that you can join me for a celebration of paper, art, and creativity. I plan on being at the gallery often; I'll update with the exact days and times. Also, the 2013 Cut paper Art Calendar will, I believe, be available to buy there.

the details:

Event:  All Runs Together

Dates:  January 22 (Tues) to January 27 (Sun) 2013

Time:  11am to 7pm (closes 5pm final day)

Place:  Galerie RECOLTE website
Address:  5-10 B1F Jyosuidori, Chuo-ku Fukuoka 810-0028
Phone:  092-521-6293
Map:  right here

日付:  1月22日(火)〜27日(日) 2013
時間:  11:00 to 19:00 (最終日17:00まで)
場所:  ギャラリーレコルテ ホームページ
住所:  810-0028 福岡市中央区浄水通5-10 B1F
電話:  092-521-6293
Access:  最寄り駅 地下鉄七隈線 薬院大通駅 バス 教会前停留所(56,58番)

誰にも理解されず、触れられず、つながらず孤独に生きている・・・と誰もが思っているかもしれない。 でもそれは違う。誰にも気づかれず、時には無視され、拒否され、受け入れられながら、皆を理解し、心に触れ、つなげていく「何か」がある。事魂が何千ものさざ波になって波及し、言霊が何万ものアンテナに響く様をこの「何か」が見守ります。 私たちの存在よりも遥かに偉大な世界があることを時に垣間見せてくれるこの「何か」を切絵の世界を通して表現します.