Gallery Show: T-shirts @ Arts Rush, Daikanyama

Let's face it, it's summer.  Even though rainy season is still in full drip here in Fukuoka, the stifling heat and humidity is skulking right around the corner of the calendar.  The absolute, very last thing we want to do, as the July and August sun scorches the landscape, is burden ourselves with heavy clothing.  No parkas or anoraks this season.  How wonderful then, that Arts Rush is providing everyone in and around Tokyo the chance to pick up attire that is both stylish and seasonally appropriate.

The T-shirt exhibition is an amazing way to find a piece of artwork that you can share with friends, strangers, and passers-by.  Because you'll be wearing it.  These shirts are some of the most beautiful and unique tees I've laid my eyes on.  

Hop on over to the online gallery to take a peak.

Those of you who took part in last year's Kickstarter event have seen my Tee-shirt contribution already.  For those who haven't, please enjoy!  If you can't make it to Tokyo, I do have a number of shirts left here in the studio.  Drop me a line and I'll let you know how to get your very own.

=Participating Artists • 参加作家=

東田亜希 • 湯浅紀美子 • 藤沢芳子 • 牧瀬茜 
境野裕子 • Myu • 上西慶子 • MOYA
Noe • 5*SEASON • なかひらまい • ゆうき慧真 
チヒロ • 千葉由笑 • 溝渕ゆう子 • 武盾一郎
野谷美佐緒 •  パトリック ギャノン • 草薙能子 • くわナよしゆき
YOoco・Labo • もきゅん

T-shirt Exhibition

dates: Wed. July 1 - Mon. July 20, 2015

times: 11:30am - 8:00pm [doors shut 5:00pm on Mondays, closed Tuesdays]

place: Arts Rush, 1F 2-14-10 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0021
tel: 03-3770-6786
gallery: website
directions: English map
directions: 地図

日付: 2015年7月1日(水)〜 7月20日(月)
時間: 午前11:30時~午後20時 [ 月曜日は午後5時閉店 火曜日定休日 ]
住所: 〒150-0021 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西2-14-10 トゥワォン代官山103
電話: 03-3770-6786
ギャラリー: ホームページ
アクセス: 地図