The 2017 Cut Paper Calendar Campaign • Plumage to spare

The 2017 Cut Paper Art Calendar on Kickstarter

A celebration of the imagination, transformed into strangely wondrous beings and worlds, all in intricately cut paper.

Can you believe that another year has passed by? Time, in my experience, has always been a more fluid construct, winding and wending its way at variable speeds, paradoxically creeping along while it zips on by. The past 365-odd days (and some of them were very, very odd) has been more fluid than most. It feels like a decade since I prepped and published the last calendar. Yet it feels like I just finished.

This past year has brought on so many changes. A few months ago the Earth around these parts went through a rather nasty bit of fluidity of its own which triggered some memories of Tokyo, 2011. This past summer was the hottest in recent memory, a humid inferno. Most hugely, our little family welcomed a new addition, who has wrought all kinds of upheaval.

It’s a bit odd to be doing a year-in-review in October, but that’s how things pan out sometimes.

I’m thrilled to announce that, once again, I’ve just launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund, print, and send the 2017 Cut Paper Art Calendar out to the world!

Thanks to the backers and fans, I’ve had the pleasure to share my work with the world in this way for a few years now, and I’d love to keep the streak going, with your help! (The plan is to continue until I’ve rocked out the final Eto / 干支 / Chinese-Japanese Zodiac animal).

As always, we’re doing our best to keep the calendar fresh, with a bunch of new art, two (or more) bonus images, some very cool stretch goals (see below), and…. a new cover? maybe? We’re hoping to use the Year of the Rooster artwork featured in the video as the cover. However, metallics like gold can be tricky to print, so if it doesn’t work out well, I’ll fall back on last year’s We All Laugh Together cover image.

I hope you’ll check out the campaign and its rewards, and help us to our goal.

How It Works

The basic goal is $2500 USD. That amount will cover the cost of printing 100 calendars, shipping materials and postage. I’d love to print more, but that will depend on how many calendars get snapped up. The deadline is October 21, 2016. The Kickstarter system is pretty straightforward:

You CHECK out the Project and lust after the art. You PLEDGE money – however much you choose. You pick a REWARD. Then you WAIT. Your credit card or Paypal account will be charged the amount you pledged after the campaign ends, if successful. I’ll CONTACT you for your contact info., your choice of rewards (where applicable), etc. Then I’ll SHIP out the reward(s) you chose. Finally, ENJOY.

Stretch Goals

I’ve got some very cool ideas to make this project even more fun!

  • $3500 - We'll reprint whichever postcards are running low.

  • $5000 - The Year of the Rooster limited edition Laser Cut Print (I'm designing it right now!).

  • ** $15k - Last year I really wanted to make the Year of the Monkey Laser Cut Print, but we fell a bit short. I'd love to get the chance to carve this simian. Shipment would be separate in 2017.