Fugitive Thoughts • March ’17

The view out the window on a cloudy, windy day. Up here, all days are windy.

The view out the window on a cloudy, windy day. Up here, all days are windy.

My mind, and my normal loquaciousness, are a tad scattered this week.  

That tends to happen after a big project ends, or I move to a new city and studio, or I don’t get much sleep, or I catch a nasty cold, or I engage in flirtations with run-on sentences and comma splices that would have turned my freshman Lit professor violet (on a random side-note, I’ve always associated the word “livid” with the color “lavender”. Hm).

Rather than try to organize these fragments into a flowing, organic narrative, I’ve decided to simply hand over the pieces.  

Please do be careful not to cut yourself on jagged ideas or broken thoughts.

⊛  The studio is coming along nicely, thank you for asking.  I’ll write up a sequel to my rumination on work spaces soon.  At the moment, I’ve got it to a point where I’m able to do work… and decided to do some art-type work, like…

⊛  …the one-color Year of the Rooster piece which mayormaynot be made into a Lasercut print at some future point.  As mentioned previously, the sketch is done.  I’ve started cutting it out now, and snip away at it every chance I can grab.  If I’ve learned anything about my work by now, it’s to resist pre-judging how it will come out.  Having said that, I feel pretty good about this bird right now.  And in real life, I don’t even like chickens.

⊛  The Shop now accepts Paypal &  Pay!

If you’re purchasing a LaserCut or postcard set, it’s all quite simple.  Towards the end of checking out, you decide whether to pay via credit card, Paypal or Apple Pay.  We take care of the rest.

Accepting Apple Pay was easy.  The guys who process payments did all the work for me.  More and more, that’s the way I like these things to go.  Getting Paypal to work with my Squarespace shop was a multi-month marathon 3-way palaver with two different tech departments doing their earnest best to be helpful.  Eventually, someone put the exact right size boot against the exact server that was being ornery, and everything clicked into place.  

What really happened was that certain countries’ websites required manual connecting of stuff.  I know html and CSS, but right here you’ve just seen the limits of my technical knowledge of backend-y internet thingamadoodads.  My younger brother is shaking his head and feeling quite superior right now.

⊛  Thus begins the process of migrating all the stuff from the old shop to the new shop.  I’ve brought over the calendar, Lasercut prints, Postcards, and Tees already.

Open-edition Giclée Prints will start hopping over soon (as well as the option to purchase sets of 3 or 5).  I’m taking the opportunity to re-photograph all of the print details and framed shots.  Its a little time-consuming, but I think it will be worthwhile.  I’m also having some fun writing whacked-out descriptions and stories about the prints.  I’ll share more soon!

⊛  I really do have a cold.  It was quite nasty, but I’m feeling a bit better today.  You’re so kind for worrying about me.  shucks.