Kin no Rakuen Exhibition @ Arts Rush Gallery, Daikanyama

⊛  菌の楽園 • Kin no Rakuen •  Fungal Paradise Exhibition   ⊛  Arts Rush Gallery Daikanyama   ⊛  October 4 ~ 16, 2017

⊛  菌の楽園 • Kin no Rakuen •  Fungal Paradise Exhibition  
⊛  Arts Rush Gallery Daikanyama  
⊛  October 4 ~ 16, 2017

For all things, there is a time and a place.  This is especially true for fungus.  

Scattered amongst the fallen leaves covering the floor of a dank forest.  Protruding in shelves ascending the side of a silver birch.  Shaking hands with algae in order to live in harmony on the shady side of a rock.  These are lovely, appropriate homes for fungal life.

Clinging to the wall behind a sofa, burrowing into the thin wood in the dark recesses of a closet, and spreading in blotchy patterns across the surface of a creative endeavor are not.  What these six situations have in common is, of course, that they are all places where I have discovered fungi (and its peacenik cousin, lichen).

Like all lifeforms, the much-maligned fungi also deserves a chance at happiness, a chance to find a home.  A chance at paradise.

Arts Rush Gallery in Daikanyama, Tokyo, has gathered together seven enchanting artists to try their hand at creating this utopia for the mushrooms, yeasts, molds, and their eukaryotic friends.  I'm contributing a number of paper and wood pieces that I'm quite proud of.  I also can't wait to see what the other artists are bringing, especially since many of them are hanga woodcut artists.  I's gonna be exciting!

*sadly, I'll need to see it on the 'net, as it doesn't look like I'll have the chance to zip up to Tokyo next month...

菌の楽園 • Fungal Paradise Exhibition

dates: Wed. October 4 - Mon. October 16, 2017

times: Wed・Thurs・Fri・Sat   AM11:00~PM7:00   
Sun・Mon・Holidays    AM11:00~PM6:00  
closed Tuesdays

place: Arts Rush, 1F 2-14-10 Ebisu-Nishi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 〒150-0021

tel: 03-3770-6786
gallery: website
directions: English map
directions: map (Japanese)

日付: 2017年10月4日 (水) ~ 16日 (月)

時間: 水・木・金・土 AM11:00~PM7:00    
月・日・祭日   AM11:00~PM6:00  

住所: アートラッシュ • 〒150-0021 東京都渋谷区恵比寿西2-14-10 トゥワォン代官山103
電話: 03-3770-6786
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