A Deity in the Family (Updated)

My Brother Loki

"How to Build a God" Step 1: Pick your Deity. There are plenty to choose from in a multitude of pantheons. Human gods, animal gods, demigods, and all manner of Lovecraftian beasties. Of course, if you can have one assigned to you, as in the case of "Loki and the Apples of the Gods" a Norse tale as retold by Christy Lenzi for CRICKET magazine, that's even easier.

Step 2: Define your basic imagery. Zeus liked the lightning. Poseidon the water. For Loki, this story demanded the creepy crawly spider. Dig in those long, spidery fingers and keep those eyes peeled for anything that numbers eight.

Step 3: Start scribbling.

Step 4: Step back, take a good look, and realize that the God you drew looks suspiciously like your younger brother. Who, incidentally, is pretty chock full of mischief himself.

This was one off my first sketches for Loki, and he was bound to evolve before being cut and glued, but the resemblance to my brother remains. I think that is entirely appropriate, and I doubt he'll be too upset by being turned into a God.


Glenn, God of Snowboarding (and Mischief)

Glenn (my younger brother) just sent me this photo to accompany the Loki sketch above. Any resemblance is strictly a trick of the artist's subconscious. Mind you, Loki rarely wore shades, but I have no doubt he would have rocked the Rainbow Bridge on that snowboard.

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