The Carrot Thief

⊛  The Carrot Thief  
⊛  cut + torn washi paper / wood  
⊛  4 x 6 in / 100 x 150 mm  
private collection  

I grew up on farm. I still wake up in the middle of the night, cold sweat running down my face, trying to will the visions of cows out of my mind.

But this week's Illustration Friday topic is "farm" so I wiped my brow, wrestled down my childhood (bovine) demons, and started in on this piece. The Carrot Thief, an odd critter, was a common garden-pillaging pest. I did mention that the farm was in New Jersey, didn't I?

This is the second 木はがき (kihagaki: ki=wood, hagaki=postcard), I've done, and I really like the way the cut-paper works with the wood texture. I'm also pretty sure this is my best carrot ever.

Big thanks to everyone for the great comments last week!