Secrets of the Trade

UPDATE 2015:  Sadly, TRADE SECRETS is no longer being updated.  However, I still encourage aspiring illustrators to absorb its very helpful advice.  Meg Hunt, the author, is still making beautiful work.

Any artist dabbling with the idea of leaping into the alligator-infested waters of illustration owes it to themselves to check out TRADE SECRETS. A blog by illustrator Meg Hunt, TRADE SECRETS mixes the best parts of an artist's advice column with a great list of resources. Even though barely a month old, topics range from self-promotion to what to do when the muse evades us (and that awful artless funk settles in).

I've found it to be a great read; after all, sitting alone in my studio I sometimes forget that other artists are going through many of the same things I am. I just wish it had been around when I was first getting started. All those resources almost make me want to move back to the US where I could take advantage of them more easily. Just the thought of overseas shipping makes me want to hide under my bed. Except my bed is a futon and the lump would give me away.

Meg Hunt, incidentally, has a great illustration style that mixes funky line-work with an exciting sense of color. And she does great beasts and critters. Definitely worth a look.

In other, more personal news, my ol' Intuos 2 Wacom tablet has just given up the digital ghost. I've reluctantly replaced it with a shinier model. A moment of silence for my skinny blue friend, please.