A Tale of Too Many Bananas

New York Comic Con starts today, February 23rd and runs until the 25th. I will NOT be there. However, inker extraordinaire Mark McKenna will be. In addition to working on pretty much everything you've ever heard of from Marvel and DC comics, Mark has also created Banana-Tail, a graphic novel for the kids. Banana-Tail follows the adventures of the mischievious and appropriately-named monkey Banana-Tail and his friends as they get in and out of trouble on Ooops-N-Ouch Island.

I've known Mark for a few years now, so I was thrilled when he asked me to be a part of what he's creating. I'm in the process of illustrating a short, 3-page comic of the yellow-tailed simian. And yes, it will be entirely in cut-paper. Which, I am convinced, proves once and for all that I am completely off my rocker.

Kevin West, the usual penciller, put together some great layouts for me to work from, and for that I thank him. I'll start posting the individual panels over the next week or so, then show y'all how they come together to make a comic (my first).

NY Comic Con

In the meantime, anyone lucky enough to be at NY Comic Con should stop by and say hi to Mark and the rest of the Kids Love Comics crew.