A Void Discovery

⊛  A Void Discovery  
⊛  4.5 x 7.3 in • 113 x 185 mm
⊛  cut + torn paper + washi / wood

The tricky part about drawing "discovery" isn't that I didn't have any ideas. It's that there are infinite possibilities. Physical, historical, emotional, internal, external, sexual, intellectual. Everything from that first peak out of the womb to that final, undiscovered country.

I must have done a half-dozen good concepts (let alone the bad ones which I will hide all evidence of later), but I kept running into the same wall. The sketches and compositions were good, but I had no idea what was being discovered. Or how to narrow the field down to one discovery. So, that's what I drew.

It's up to you to figure out what this lil' guy just found. Maybe each hole leads to another world. Or to treasure. Heck, maybe his field of giant turnips has just gone missing. What possibilities do you see?