Black and White and Blue All Over (WIP)

Sketching the Blues sketch art by Patrick Gannon

Survival is a funny thing. Sure, you're filled with relief that the risk is over and you've escaped harm still breathing and with, more or less, all of your limbs and important bits intact. But, in the aftermath, a feeling of listlessness, grogginess, and utter exhaustion comes crashing down. I'm not referring to my flights to and from the US, which passed without incidence (but with much it just me, or are there more and more of the bumpies as time goes on??? Maybe we can blame global warming or el nino for that). I am, of course, referring to the semi-annual pilgrimage to see family, friends and bovines. And the mind-numbing jetlag that follows. I haven't been hit this hard for years. Whenever I sat down to try and get some work done those first few days back, an overwhelming urge to pass out rolled over me. I think I did a few times. That would explain the keyboard imprint on my forehead.

I'm feeling a bit better today, happily, and even got to start on some art. I was hoping to be done by the end of the day, but my engine (never the fastest to warm up in the morning) isn't quite up to full speed yet. So, even though the theme of the piece (and the key color) are a deep, rich blue, you'll need to use a touch of imagination to see it. Sleep Cycle willing, the finished piece will be up by the end of the day tomorrow (Tokyo Time).

Illustration Friday