Brain Full of Blues

 Brain Full of Blues  
⊛  cut + torn paper + washi / wood  
⊛  8 x 8 in • 205 x 205 mm  

Today was an absolutely gorgeous early Autumn day, and my wife and I took full advantage of it by heading out to Mount Takao for a little hike. Like most mountains here in Japan, especially those with religious significance and temples, most of the main way up is either paved or covered with stairs. But if you can break away from the crowd and try out one of the secondary trails, it's like being in actual nature again.

The temple is dedicated to the Tengu, mythical mountain creatures that are a mixture of man and birds.

The statue below is of the KoTengu (little or minor tengu) subservient to the O-Tengu, who looks like a guy with a really long nose. One of these days, I would love to use a Tengu in a piece. First though, I need to figure out what Tengu mean (metaphorically speaking) in my little cut paper world.

Brainboy is not having nearly as good a day. Or as pleasant weather.

There are days when my emotions take their cues from what's happening outside, so it seems natural to use environment to indicate an internal state. In so many ways, people are just vessels for their emotions; empty buckets that get filled up with whatever feelings are flying around our brains.