All the Little Things Said WIP

All the Little Things Said
⊛ WIP • Final Drawing

One of the things I enjoy most about working with cut-paper is the ability to try something different on a piece, without having to destroy what's already there or start over from scratch.

Take, for example, our big-eyed friend here. In the sketch, I've drawn him both with a helmet and without (my spectacular wife thinks the helmet makes him look like a superhero...I'm chalking that one up to Japanese culture like Gatchaman, I loved that show when I was a kid). I'll try him both with and without in the paper form to see which suits the concept better.

All the Little Things Said • WIP • Color Test

Here are the bits and pieces of our friends, before being glued together. Sorry about the awful photo. The aim was to make Big-eye-guy bright and cartoony, but the paper I chose seems to be drawing attention away from the main focus, plus I'm not sure that the shadow on his back is working. Gluing the pieces down can make an amazin difference, but I think I'll go through the paper collection (starting with that purple) to see what works best. Luckily, these pieces are a quick cut. The finish should be posted tomorrow.