A Slothful Mind Wanders

⊛ cut + torn paper / wood
⊛ 6 x 4 in • 150 x 100 mm
⊛ private collection

When we're being excessively lazy, do our souls get bored? These are the kind of thoughts that tie my brain in knots on those nights I can't sleep. Even though I can force my body to be lazy, my brain is a different story. Ten years ago, I had Jean-Claude Van Damme movies to help me get a good, healthy mental shutdown. Thankfully, drawing odd critters seems like a good way to empty the old noggin. And the cutting process can be very meditative. When I'm not poking myself with the point.

Some random thoughts:

  • Take a look at some photos of sloths. They are almost always smiling. What do they know that we don't?

  • I recently read an article online (sorry, I don't remember where) that residents of the French Alps used to more-or-less hibernate through the winter. This strikes me as a very nice idea.

  • The first box of Christmas presents just arrived from the US (thanks Mom!). Being that this is Tokyo, there is no storage, so the box is sitting in the middle of the living room. Teasing me. Beckoning seductively (though not too seductively...it's from Mom, after all).