The Shop Goes Up; the Site Goes Down

If you've been paying especially close attention during the last few weeks, you might have noticed that the shop on my main website has been slowly coming to life.

At the moment it's pretty basic, and a bit of a work-in-progress (already I want to re-design the shop's front page). Having said that, there are some very cool products up for sale featuring my cut paper art. These button-badges are a great example. Right now, these are the types of products you can find for sale: original art, calendars, button-badges, and books. In the near future, I plan on adding postcards, prints, more button-badges, and anything else my little imagination can conjure up.

Here's where you come in: I'd love to hear your ideas or suggestions for future items. Which pieces would you like to hang on your wall as a print, or wear as a button? I'm completely open to suggestions for new types of things to paste my art to as well. So don't be shy!

Okay, now for the bad news. My webhost has seen fit to move a bunch of servers from one clust...y'know what? I don't really know what they're doing. Theoretically it will result in my website being more stable and zippier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. In the meantime, it will mean about 12 hours where my site will be down, unavailable, dead-to-the-world. Downtime starts Friday, March 21st, at 9pm PDT and is expected to last until Saturday, March 22nd, 9AM PDT. Give or take.

UPDATE 2015:  Button Badges are no longer available.  Sorry.  A books section will be coming as soon as I can find the time to scan everything in.  Original art is always available - just drop me a line about any art that you're interested in.  On a happy note, we survived the website downtime! -PG