Heavy Heavy Hippos


As promised here's the finished piece, wherein BananaTail gives his pal Reena a boost up to grab a vine. Banana-Tail is, of course, the incorrigible (but good-hearted) monkey created by comic-inker legend Mark McKenna.

It's been a week of heavy lifting for myself as well. In addition to working out this piece and coming up with some concepts for some personal work, I tackled my taxes. My Japanese taxes. In Japanese. A language which I have not quite mastered for everyday speech, let alone accounting practices. Luckily, you can go to the area tax office here where they will point to the correct box to put your numbers. Of course, you do need to have those numbers in order before you go in, or they'll just send you right back home again. I think iWork and Numbers (for all the bits missing from a 1.0 software release) is the best purchase I've made all year.

Plus, preparation has been rocketing along for an exhibition or two that I'll be blogging about soon. Oh, and don't forget that my webhost will be moving my server tonight, starting Friday, March 21st, at 9PM PDT, and it is expected to last up to 12 hours, until Saturday, March 22nd, 9AM PDT. Cross your fingers that nobody drops anything important and I'll be back online soon.