Scrappy is as Scrappy Doo

I apologize up front for the unbearable cheese that is this post's title. I think I can vouch for every kid growing up in the 80's when I say that Scrappy-Doo utterly ruined the genius that was Scooby-Doo. That cartoon canine nightmare gave birth to an entire generation of kids with the subconscious urge to dropkick little, yappy dogs. But I digress. This post is not about my issues with The Doo.

The first-ever issue of PaperScraps is now available for your perusal. Yippee! PaperScraps is an online newsletter about the world of my cut paper art, gallery shows, and things of that ilk. I'll be sending out an email whenever I update the newsletter (maybe 4 times a year). I may also send out short emails about new events, exhibitions, etc. Chances are, the info won't be so different from what's here on the blog (gotta be honest, y'know), but it will be a nice summary, collected all in one place. Plus, if you join the mailing list, I am also planning to make special offers available to members in the future.

Click the image or here to join.

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