The Stylish Way to Count the Days - 2009 Calendar

Update: 12.9.08 • The Calendar is now 100% good to go! Lulu just got the preview creator fixed and I have verified that it is, indeed, for 2009. Place your orders now to be in time for the holidays! And thank you again for your patience!

UPDATE 12.8.08 • I am 95% certain that the printing error (the calendars printed with 2008's dates instead of 2009's!) has been fixed. Unfortunately, until Lulu fixes their website and I can create a preview of the calendar, I cannot verify that final 5%. Please keep that in mind when ordering. Also, this is an entirely new product, so all of the old links or bookmarks are invalid. I have fixed links to the calendar from the shop page and this blog.

UPDATE • A Major Printing Error has been discovered with this calendar. Please hold off on purchasing until we are able to resolve this problem. If you have purchased this item please email me as soon as possible.

Featuring 12 pieces of cut paper art, the 2009 calendar is a collision of American and Japanese pop-culture, mythology and wonderous creatures amid a landscape of jagged edges and amazing textures. There's a handful of amazing new work like We All Laugh Together, and a shot of red bull ('cuz 2009 is the Year of the Moo), as well as a scattering of perennial favorites.

Best of all, the calendar is actually available before 2009! Who would've guessed that planning ahead might actually pay off?

Click here for a preview of the 2009 Cut Paper Art Calendar. It's a big file, so it might take some time to load.

I've got a bunch more updates to the shop planned for the next couple of weeks, so keep your eyes peeled! And please let me know if you have any suggestions for future calendars, merchandise, or anything else!

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