Gallery Show - Puddletown Dec 4th @ Compound Gallery

Compound Gallery of Portland, Oregon hosts "Puddletown", the latest show I've had the pleasure of being invited to join. Portland joins an increasingly long list of places that I've never been to, but am dying to check out. Rumor has it, it can get a little damp. After the amount of rain we've been getting in Tokyo these few years, I am no longer phased by mere precipitation. In any event, they seem to have embraced their climate:

For most people rain means a gloomy day. Here in Portland, rain is a fact of life. It makes us who we are. Puddletown will feature an artist’s view on rain.


opening reception: December 4, 2008 7pm

dates: December 4th-24th, 2008

place: Compound Gallery, 107 NW 5th Avenue, Portland, OR 97209
phone: 503.796.2733
map: this is The Way

The show is curated by Matt Wagner. I had the honor of meeting him on one of his many visits to Tokyo, and he's a swell guy. I'm sure he'll be there at the opening to regale all with his tales of Portland and Japan. Which is good, because I, sadly, shall not. My work will of course. It's something no one has seen before. That's right, a completely new piece made just for Puddletown. I'm pretty darn thrilled with it too. It's shiny!

UPDATE 2015:  Matt Wagner has opened Hellion Gallery, which looks excellent and I sincerely hope to show at one day.

I hope you can get to the show. There will be a ton of great artists showing their brilliance, including:

robert pellicer, scott rohlfs, angel davis, sam tudyk, dane svenningsen, max kaufman, timothy karpinski, keenan havens, jessica rosario, eliott wall, geneva smith, rudy fig, eli effenberger, miette, sophie franz, tatiana krasovski, jason graham, eatcho, josh heilaman, lily pham, andy gouveian, ricardo rodriguez, alex willan, nati, jun seo hahm and clone.