Postcard Pack Attack

Just (kinda, sorta) in time for the Holidays comes Postcard Pack Two! Available right away in my online shop, this pack collects 5 more of my favorite cut paper pieces. I'm happy to say they came out great and look truly amazing!


⊛Postcard Pack 2

available now

"The Golden Sea, It Has Teeth", "We All Laugh Together", "I Will Stitch Myself a New Fur Coat", "A Welcome Messenger", and "Social Grooming".

Get a pack of all five cards for $6 US (or ¥600) plus shipping. Or get the combo set of Postcard Pack One + Two, 10 amazing images for $10 (¥1000) [update: replaced by Set of All 25]. Hey, these days, two bucks is two bucks, right?!

Holiday and Christmas Orders: A quick note if you plan on giving a print or postcard as a gift. I'm shipping these items from Tokyo, so keep that in mind and give yourself a little extra time for the package to get there. Japan Post suggests that all regular air mail packages be sent out by December 12th. Get your postcard order in by December 10, 2008 to give me time to pack and ship.

Prints are sent out priority, so there's a little extra time there. I'd suggest giving yourself at least a week to be on the safe side. After all, I'm just one man!