Confused Calendar-itis Pt. II: the Sequel

Update: 12.9.08- The Calendar is now 100% good to go! Lulu just got the preview creator fixed and I have verified that it is, indeed, for 2009. Place your orders now to be in time for the holidays! And thank you again for your patience!

Ah, the drama continues. I've decided, after a little bit of soul-searching, to make the 2009 Cut Paper Art Calendar available again.

Why all the soul-searching and fingernail biting? I'm only 95% sure that the printing problems are fixed. And I like to be 100% sure of stuff. Unfortunately, until Lulu squishes the bugs in it's website, I can't create a calendar preview and verify that last 5%.

Still, I'm reasonably certain that the calendar was created correctly, right up until I pushed the "publish" button. The images printed great before, so it's just the dates I'd like to triple check. More importantly, if I wait for Lulu to iron things out, chances are we'll miss Christmas. And maybe next year too. The whole year. I'll let all y'all know if there's any change to report. For now, you can feel 95% confident that you'll be getting a cool calendar.

Thanks to the fantastic art fan who emailed me to let me know there was a problem with the calendar. Even bigger thanks and a giant internet hug goes out to all of you who bought the calendar, then emailed me to say that you picked it up for the art and the dates weren't a big deal. You guys are the greatest.

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