Guest Shot - Nishi

It struck me recently that I spend an awful lot of time on this here blog talking about myself. Not that I'm in danger of running out of stuff to chatter about, but sometimes it's nice to shine my teensy little spotlight on some of the folks I admire. Without further ado, here's our first Guest Shot: Nishi.

UPDATE 2015: Links changed to reflect Nishi's modern web presence

I met Nishi-san about a year ago, when he found me through MySpace and he invited me out for a beer and to share our work. You couldn't find two guys with more different styles. Where I slice up paper, Nishi combines spraypaint, washi-paper, sumi-e brushwork, and a whole lot of stippling. On the other hand, we do both like to work on wood. Actually, Nishi-san explains it better than I do:

During the creation process, the art talks to me, the most important thing for me to do is to listen to the piece. I closely communicate with my art while I am working. Materials for the art work are also very important. I won't be able to express my imagination without the various materials that I use for the piece. When you see my art work, you can see dynamic brush strokes and the characteristic detail in the work. My intention is to create new wave/style in art merging Painting and Japanese calligraphy.

Nishi's work can be very dark, but I also see a very astute, if dry, sense of humor at work. The originals are a wonder to behold, and I highly recommend taking a look. His first solo show is up right now at the FineArte Gallery, in Southend in the UK. To see his work:

Nishi's Website

Nishi on Facebook