New In the Shop - Laughing Shark Prints!

I am ecstatic to announce that two of my most requested pieces are now available as open edition prints: We All Laugh Together and The Golden Sea, It Has Teeth. I was shocked to see that it's been over a year since I came out with new prints but what can I say... I was making new art! In any case, these Gicleés are available immediately for order in the online shop. All Gicleés are printed on A4-size Deep PV fine art paper.

Flexibility is always nice, and everybody likes options. So we've re-jiggered the store to allow new options for buying sets of prints. Now, you can choose between a set of your favorite three prints or a set of the five you love the bestest. That's right, now you can get the prints you're dying for and save a little money doing it. Want to paper your bedroom walls in golden sharks? This is your chance.

I'm already working at getting a few more images ready for the future, so I promise you won't have to wait another year for new cut paper prints. Got any suggestions? Let me know!

Check it out now in the shop!