Your Touch, It Does Something to Me


Your Touch, It Does Something to Me
⊛ cut paper / wood
⊛ 10 x 8 in • 254 x 203 mm
⊛ private collection


Better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace. -Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta, the founder of Buddhism

Substitute the word "touch" for "word" and you begin to see the starting point for this piece.

Actually... while there is a lengthy and, I think, beautiful story behind "Your Touch" I would like to be a little selfish and keep it for myself. At least for a little while longer. Which leaves you, dear reader, with the chance to pour your own meaning or story into the piece, filling up that hollowness. If the mood strikes you, leave your interpretation in the comments below. It's always cool to see my work through other people's eyes.

I'll be huddling in the corner over here, whispering, "My precioussssssssss".

Your Touch, It Does Something to Me, can be seen right now in San Francisco's Gallery 1988 "Battle Royal" group show, until July 18, 2009.

Some touchy sketches: