No Such Things As Too Much Spandex

I usually don't think to snap photos of anything I make, so I'm awful glad that Kevin Conn made a special request to see more of Lava-Roid.

When I can, I like to continue the art around the edges of the "canvas" (y'know, the chunk o' wood). I was having so much fun drawing the flame, it goes all the way around onto the back where it morphs into the kind of design you'd see on a 80's Firebird Trans Am. I wanted to keep it sticking straight up, but there's no way it would have survived more than 5 minutes in my studio.

Above is an extreme close-up. What LR lacks in layers, he makes up for in strong graphic shapes and eye-searing red. Speaking of shapes, LR's bean-shaped body was unbelievably fun to draw. Not to mention his hero pose.

Last, we've got the top-down view. It's probably not a surprise that the lava area took the longest to work out. I tried a couple different tricks and a bunch of different papers trying to get the atmospheric effects working on the faded leg and volcano ridge. As usual, in the end the simplest solution worked the best. I just had to find the right color to appear misty.