Guest Shots: Blogs of Rarified Beauty

Rather than picking out one specific artist for this episode of Guest Shots, I thought it would be nice to show a little appreciation for a couple people who are spreading a nice, thick coat of beauty on the world wide web. Certainly, each of the next three blogs is dedicated to art. More than that though, they are broadening the definition of what art encompasses. Thanks goes out to all three for their support, and for introducing me to work I hadn't even dreamed of.

Art Thursday

For the most part, Tabatha A. Yeats is a writer of fiction for young adults. Every Thursday, she sets aside her pen and seeks out some new, wildly eclectic form of gorgeous for her ever growing collection. There's alot to love here, and as usual I'm drawn to the kind of things that are as far from what I do as possible. Like the amazing costumes halfway down the page. I mean, just check out those boots for reading William Blake. Brilliant.

Update 2015:  Arts Thursday is no longer being updated - but it's still online and worth a look!  Her blog, The Opposite of Indifference, is active.

...Pursuit of Happiness

Nearly every day, Letha Colleen posts whatever new painting, photography, ceramic or collage catches her discerning eye. It's a steady stream of inspiration that's hard to match. As a mixed media artist, I'm fascinated by the way she combines charts and maps and three-dimensional elements into rich, modern compositions.

UPDATE 2015:  The blog, Pursuit of Happiness, although still live, is no longer being updated.  You can see Letha Colleen's work at her Flickr account, her Etsy shop, and she is super active on Pinterest


Gasbit was created "in order that people may come and see what other creative people are up to and in turn be inspired to do something creative themselves." I couldn't have said it better myself. A vivid mix of visual art, design, graffiti, music and video, there's something here to get anyone feeling creative.

UPDATE 2015:  Sadly, Gasbit is also no longer being updated.  It's currently still online, and is fun to browse through and get inspired.