Walkin' On Sunshine

I have no tattoos.

I'm not sure why, really. I dig art and design and squiggly spiral lines. You would think the ink would be right up my alley. It's the commitment. The permanence of the thing. That much ink and intent absorbed indelibly into the flesh. It defines you, at least at that one moment in time. It's a flag stabbed into the earth declaring, "This is me. This is where I stand".

Which, when I think about it, is pretty much exactly the same thing I do when I cut and glue and make each new piece. Except that I never run out of canvas. And if it turns out really bad, I can stick it in a drawer and hide it from the world.

All of which is a long way to go to talk about this leg. The leg is from Brooklyn, NY, USA where it is still attached (I assume) to Jared Roberts. It's tough to express how flattering it is that Jared liked my work enough to carry it with him all the time. Thanks, Jared, for a huge compliment!

The tattoo, by the way, is based on A Bright and Sunny Day, a piece I did a little while back about a little dude who likes to eat clouds.

As for me, I've been keeping busy by making sure I didn't get kicked out of the country. Oh, and I'm working on making a couple of big pieces. Bigger and more complicated than I've done in a while. I'm very excited and a little scared. Which is usually a fortuitous formula for making art. Also working out some plans for upcoming shows and whatnot, all of which I'll be talking about when the details are concrete.


A Bright and Sunny Day
SIZE:  6 5/8 X 14 1/2 IN • 18.8 X 36.8 CM