New, Shocking "This Lightning Won't Forge Itself" Print

The first new print of 2010, This Lightning Won't Forge Itself has arced its way into the shop. Read about the original art here.

"Lightning" is the first of three or four new prints debuting in the shop this holiday season. I bet, if you try real hard, you can guess what the next one will be! I'm doing something new with the detail images, including photos of the print in frames and in pretty hands. Check them out on the prints page.

On a weirder note, due to the US's TSA and Japan's Postal System, at the moment I can't ship any packages heavier that 453 grams (about 1lb) by air. That won't affect most orders, but it does mean that I've had to stop offering the set-of-5-prints and original artwork until I can check out the other options. Of course, FedEx is still shipping, if you don't mind shelling out for next-day delivery. You can read all about the convoluted reasonings for it here. We'll let everyone know when we work this quirk out.

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