“This Summoning Wind” Print Sweeps In

This Summoning Wind blows into the shop today to stand proudly next to its partner "This Lightning Won't Forge Itself". Inspired by the Japanese deities and/or demons Raijin and Fujin, together, these two harness the wind, thunder, and lightning. Basically, all the stuff that make stormy nights kinda cool. Here, we see the pair of them between typhoons. Read the original posts here and here.

Hang them individually, or as a pair (a photo of the originals is below)

Get both prints in the shop now!

In other happy news, the drama with Japan's Postal system not shipping packages to the US has, apparently, been cleared up. The whole situation was weird; and the resolution is fully in keeping with the overall oddness. I've chosen to interpret the bureaucratic rumbling as "...Man, you guys are a buncha whiners. Fine, have your postal service back. Just don't call us anymore." The upshot is that I can now ship whatever I darned well please ...and that includes big boxes of prints and art. So, don't be afraid to order.

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