Gallery Show: 怪 @ Gallery G2, Ginza

怪 is...are... um... Kai. The dictionary defines 怪 as suspicious, shady, implausible, and my absolute favorite word I've never heard before: shonk. But kanji characters aren't so simple. Combine them with other kanji and you create new words, new realities. Like 怪獣 (Kaijyuu), great and monstrous beasts, or, alternatively, men in rubber suits stomping all over cardboard cities. Others are 妖怪 (yokai), 怪談 (kaidan = ghost stories - not to be confused with 階段, also kaidan but much more a stair than a scare), and 怪文書 (kaibunshou = objectionable literature / anonymous document). Thus ends the Japanese lesson.

Gallery G2 in Ginza, one of my favorite galleries in Tokyo, hosts , a celebration of the strange, the macabre, the odd, the weird, the alien, the ghastly, ghostly, fantastic and surreal. Naturally, they asked me to join, and I sent up a few of my more unnatural works.

Drop by the gallery, enjoy the oddities of a dozen twisted artists in a myriad of monstrous media. Take some pictures and send them to me, because, sadly, I am not in the Tokyo locale these days.

dates: Thurs. August 11 - Tues. August 16, 2011

Times: 12:00pm - 19:00pm

place: Gallery G2, Chuo-ku, Ginza 2-8-2
Tel: 03-3567-1555
website: here • map

日付: 2011年8月11日(木)〜8月16日(火)
時間: 午前12時~午後19時
住所: 東京都中央区銀座2-8-2日紫ビル1F
電話: 03-3567-1555