The Times, They Go Around and Around

The biggest of all possible Thank you's goes out to Kris Kosaka of The Japan Times. I can't remember being more at ease during an interview, or more pleased by the results of it. The fact that the article takes up the whole top half of a page isn't such a bad surprise either. In the interview, we talk about the origins of my artwork and of my life in Japan. Its always a challenge to find the exact right words to explain art, and the concepts or emotions behind it. Often, because instinct drives so much of the creative process. Ms. Kosaka managed to pick her way through the scattered rubble of my digressions to the core.

From my past, we move on to the future. Below, the foundation of my next piece waits. Actually, I finished the artwork last night (which should give you an idea of how long ago I started writing this post). This is the first time in ages that I'm using a material other than wood or paper. What is this, anyway? fiberglass?

Take a gander at the LandfillArt Project and the multitude of amazing recycled and reclaimed new pieces of art. Special thanks to my good friend, Mr. Nishi for helping me acquire a ホイールカップ with much textural character.