Cooler Minds Prevail

⊛  Cooler Minds Prevail  
⊛  cut washi + chiyogami paper / wood  
⊛  9.5 x 13 in • 240 x 330 mm  

Typically, I enjoy talking about my work and the ideas behind it. Every once in a while a piece comes along that requires a bit of discretion; that asks for a touch of privacy. This is one such piece. So, let's softly close the door and hang the Do Not Disturb sign on the knob as we tiptoe away down the hall.

To make up for my rare hush (seriously, you're going to want to enjoy this calm before my usual verbosity roars back), I thought I would treat everyone to a good WIPping.

First up - a view from inside the mind of our perturbed dark stranger, showing some layered paper construction.

Next, we take a side trip into an alternate dimension to witness the work that almost was. It always astounds me how much of an effect color has on the emotional content of a piece, and by extension, the concept. This stormy image has an entirely different meaning. In the end, I chose the brighter background for its heat and the way it made the other colors pop.

We'll finish up at the very beginning, with the sketches. I'm usually more comfortable pulling back from an image and showing it with a bit of dispassionate perspective. Cropping in for a close-up drags us into a somewhat uncomfortable proximity.