Gallery Show: 怪 2013 @ Gallery G2, Ginza

In Japan, August is the month of weirdness. That's when all the creeps, spirits, monsters, and unseen lurking horrors slink out of the shadowy woods, fetid bogs, and treacherous mountain paths to... visit their relatives, actually.

Putting aside the O-bon holiday, where the sweltering cities empty out their masses who take that long train trip home to visit their families, both living and deceased, it's no surprise that deep summer is a haunting time. This summer, in particular, has been so unrelentingly hot (at least in Fukuoka) that everyone is shuffling around like a horde of sweaty zombies anyway. The ghasts and yokai are just trying to take advantage of the air conditioning. I'm right there with them.

For the third year in a row, both 怪 [Kai] and cut paper return to Gallery G2 in Ginza, Tokyo. Nine artists have conjured up a host of mysterious and wicked creations. I myself am loosing 2 new pieces which have never before stalked the streets of Tokyo. Visit... if you dare. Muahahahaha. ahem.

the details:

怪 [Kai]

dates: Thurs. August 8 - Tues. August 13, 2013

times: 11:00am - 18:00pm [closes 16:00 on final day]

place: Gallery G2, Chuo-ku, Ginza 2-8-2 tel: 03-3567-1555 gallery: website directions: map.

日付: 2013年8月8日(木)〜8月13日(火) 時間: 午前11時~午後18時 [ 最後日 午後4時 ] 住所: 東京都中央区銀座2-8-2日紫ビル1F 電話: 03-3567-1555