The Coming Together of the Pulse & the Tremor

⊛  The Coming Together of the Pulse & the Tremor  
⊛  cut + torn washi + chiyogami paper / Kurume Kasuri Textile  
⊛  7.3 x 13.8 in • 185 x 350 mm

It doesn't happen very often, but some days the ideas come almost too easily. The Coming Together of the Pulse & the Tremor, for instance, is a collaboration between my cut paper artwork and the gorgeous traditional indigo and patterns of Tsuru-san's Kurume Kasuri textile.

Mere moments after I'd been invited to work together on the exhibition and incorporate the fabric into my work (a first!), I knew what the theme of the artwork would be: Collaboration!

It's like walking through a low doorway and banging your head on revelation.

After all, the ways in which people and concepts relate to each other, positively, negatively or ambiguously, has often been a theme of interest to me. Internally or externally, strengths may build upon strengths in a harmony of action and thought. Discord detracts from the whole, pitching into chaos. All in much the same way that the correct colors and layers of paper can, with skill and luck and intent, come together to create an image; then inside that image, a flood of emotions and ideas.

At the same time that I was tossing around ideas for this piece, I was also working on some art for the Neiro (Tone) exhibition at Arts Rush Gallery in Tokyo. The ideas of tone and collaboration bounced off each other and swirled together into a semi-musical concoction based on images of sound waves and heart beats.