The 2015 Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign – Don't be Sheepish

Running from Now until October 3, 2014

The 2015 Cut Paper Art Calendar: Your annual recommended supply of paper, art, and imagination. Now with sheep!

That exciting time of year is upon us once again, when the Cut Paper Art Calendar Campaign roars alive on Kickstarter.

Last year was a huge year for us, none of which would have been possible without the support of art fans around the world.

We're asking for your support once again, and have been hard at work conjuring up awesome reward bundles and seriously stupendous stretch goals. Postcards, Giclée Prints, Lasercuts, original artwork, and possibly much more are being offered to our wonderful backers.

I'm a little proud of our goofy video too, for which I learned some simple animation. You will believe a doll can speak!

How It Works

The basic goal is $2200 USD (Reached!). That amount will cover the cost of printing 100 calendars, shipping materials and postage. I’d love to print more, but that will depend on how many calendars get snapped up. The deadline is October 3, 2014. The Kickstarter system is pretty straightforward:

You CHECK out the Project and decide that you adore it. You PLEDGE money – however much you choose. You pick a REWARD. Then you WAIT. The project has already reached it’s GOAL, so your credit card or Paypal account will be charged the amount you pledged after the campaign ends. I’ll CONTACT you for your contact info., your choice of rewards (where applicable), etc. Then I’ll SHIP out the reward(s) you chose. ENJOY.

Stretch Goals

Should we be lucky enough to surpass our goal, it will allow us to refill our supplies of rewards, knock out a bigger print run of calendars, PLUS we've got some very cool ideas to make this project even more fun!

Reached!, reprinting Postcard Pack 4

Reached!!, Stickers Thank-you gift. As backers increase, the stickers shall get bigger and more numerous (I'd like to offer 3)

Reached!!! the Year of the Sheep ('s a Ram) limited edition Laser Cut Print. see Rewards below

At $8,000 - T-Shirt! We've spent the last 2 months talking to t-shirt printers all around Fukuoka. We've found one we like, and we really really want to put a ram on a tee. Our plan is to do a print run of 100; of course, if we get a lot of orders we'll increase that number. We're looking at printing a full-color direct-to-garment design. The color of the tee will depend on which looks best. More info as we get close to the goal.

Cut-by-cut making of the Year of the Sheep LaserCut Art

Cut-by-cut making of the Year of the Sheep LaserCut Art

The Ram t-shirt prototype . The design may wrap around...

The Ram t-shirt prototype . The design may wrap around...